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How to choose steel for casting dies?

Material for the aluminum alloy, copper alloy casting molds are made of steel 3Cr2W8V, the steel contains Cr, W alloy elements, can improve the critical temperature and thermal fatigue resistance, excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures, but also when the operating temperature of 650 impact competent enough to maintain the original cast metal hardness and wear.


Since the chromium oxide film can be formed, thus to add chrominum is not increasing the strength, but also prevent the adhesion of metal casting mold , thereby improving its finish, extended service life. Vanadium element may further increase the thermal stability at high temperature, but the thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of the steel can not meet the requirements, if to reduce the carbon content will affect performance. Therefore can penetrate CN alloy nitride layer is formed from chemical treatment, low-temperature oxidation, the surface of the soft nitriding, to prevent adhesion on the metal casting cavity to retain its finish and improve the thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.


And there was pressure on the state of the oxide layer but also improve their strength, delay cracking tendencies, which make up the steel disadvantages, increase die life.