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How to make good die casting product

Die casting is a special casting methods in the development of modern metal processing technology. It is the process of molten metal in the mold is filled with high pressure at high speed and under high pressure is formed in the crystal solidified casting. High pressure die casting speed is the main feature of tens of MPa pressure, filling speed (the gate speed) of 16 to 80 m / sec, the molten metal to fill the mold cavity is extremely short, about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds.


Since the products produced by this method has high production efficiency, simple process, casting a higher tolerance level, good surface roughness, high mechanical strength, can save a lot of machining processes and equipment, saving raw materials, etc., so die casting has become an important part of the foundry industry.


In the die casting process not only pay attention to the structure of the process of casting, good die casting mold, die-casting machine performance and structural superiority, adaptability and die-cast alloy smelting process chosen normative; also should pay more attention, such as pressure, temperature and process time parameters important role in the quality of castings. In the die casting process, the importance of these parameters should be effectively controlled.