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Pressure die casting dies


A pressure die casting die is an assembly of materials, mostly ferrous metal, each of which plays a part in a mechanism which will operate under conditions of rapidly changing temperatures, as the molten metal is injected under pressure and then immediately cooled. Some parts of the die merely act as holding elements; others, such as the die inserts and the cores, have to withstand the impact and high temperature of the molten metal. The mechanisms for moving the ejectors and cores must work smoothly in the constantly changing temperature of a die. Parts which act as bearings are made eighter of non-ferrous metals such as phosphor bronze, or the steel surfaces are given a nitride or other treatment to resist wear.


The die insert for producing the shapre of the casting has to be machined accurately and heat treated to provide the best possible mechanical properties at high temperature.


Most die casting dies operate automatically and, while this leads to high productivity when there are no delays, the cost of breakdowns are correspondingly high. During the past decade the manufacture of dies has been revolutionized by sophisticated methods ranging from improved spark erosion to computer-scale research programmed to include die heat treatment and surface coating, computer-aided die design, special machining processes and the economics of die manufacture.

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