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  • Public welfare undertakings

    The products of the company have the advantages of high technology content, large added value, excellent performance, strong driving force and good market prospects. Widely used in aerospace, military, automotive, shipbuilding, ocean engineering, plastic modification, cutting-edge coatings, high-performance fabrics, 5G communications, medicine, heavy chemical industry and other fields. After the completion of the project to reach the production standard, the annual output value of 2 billion yuan, tax profits of 450 million yuan.

    The chairman of our company often said that when he graduated from school, the industry in his hometown was backward and there was no opportunity for development. So they had to go out to work on the back of the pack, where there is a job but no home life. He has always had a dream in his heart: to have the opportunity to return to his hometown to invest and set up a factory, so that villagers do not have to leave their hometown like him, but live a life where there is work. 


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